For someone who is not familiar with the roofing business, choosing the finest materials for the roof of their dream house is the safest bet to win a durable home. Needless to say that the San Antonio roofing products that are promoted by roofers San Antonio has must be sturdy, while also providing an elegant appearance to your home.

A general outlook on roofing materials
There are many San Antonio roofing products that can be successfully incorporated into your dream roof. Here are a few tips on roofing materials, which may help you get a clear idea regarding the materials you can choose from when doing a roof job:
• Asphalt shingles, which are very cost-effective and easy to install; they have a variable lifespan and they are recommended only for an inclined roof;
• Shake is made of wood and it provides a rustic appearance to your home, although it is not fire resistant and is not appropriate for a humid climate;
• Rubber shingle, can last at least half a century if properly installed and maintained;
• Slate, which is a very durable material for a roof, being able to last up to a few hundred years; the downsize of this material is that the cost of the roof in this case can go as far as to surpass the construction costs, and the weight will also cause an additional burden on the walls of the home, which is why the building must be properly consolidated prior to installing this type of roof;
• Ceramic tile – great roofing material, with high durability (up to a century), is usually very expensive but worth the cost since it is fire and water resistant;
• Metal – depending on the type of metal used (galvanized steel, copper or stone coating metal) the costs may vary from affordable to very expensive, durable and with an elegant outlook;
• Concrete, or cement reinforced a composite material, has good strength and durability. A type of concrete, called structural concrete is also used in flat roof construction;
• Bitumen waterproof roofing, in combination with fiberglass;
• Solar shingles, also called solar panels – are very expensive yet they can produce electricity, thanks to the photovoltaic materials incorporated in the roof.

What goes best in terms or roofing materials for San Antonio?
Seeing as the most appropriate roof shape for this area is the hip roof, thanks to its increased durability over other roof shapes, materials which are best suited for this style are metal, tiles or shingles. However, the hip roof will allow for other materials as well, provided that the workmanship and the installation are properly done. As a general rule, one must also keep in mind that the underlayment, a roof part that is placed below the shingles, must be paid great care when being installed, as it provides a water barrier for the roof. Any oversight in the installation of the underlayment may lead to water leakage and the rotting of the wood sheathing, which provides stability for the roof frame.

Types Of Roofing Materials That Can Make Fine Roofing Products In San Antonio