When you’re looking for the best types of roofing in Arizona, you can’t ignore the benefits and drawbacks of both tile and shingle roofing. These two varieties are often pitted against each other, and there are many opposing opinions as to whether one or the other might be the better choice.


The Main Benefits of Shingle Roofing


Buying the best roof shingles for Arizona can help you considerably reduce your roofing costs. Most types of shingle roofing, especially asphalt shingles, are not only very popular in Arizona, but also represent a low-cost alternative to most other varieties of roofing.  Talk with one of the Flagstaff roofing contractors to help yo decide which roofing products hold up the best.


Asphalt shingles are composed of a base that is usually either made from fiberglass or an organic compound, and that base is saturated with asphalt and fitted with a mineral coating to resist the elements more efficiently. Other varieties of composite shingles also exist that can increase the lifespan of the roof and provide added thermal efficiency.


The main advantages of shingle roofing include the following:


  • They are a low-budget option both when it comes to the price of material and the cost of installation.  They offer
  • Shingles are easier to install, lighter and more diverse than most types of roofing.
  • They can offer a great variety of styles to choose from, so you can always make sure your shingle roof is fashionable.
  • Shingles can last between 15 and 40 years depending on the type and quality of the shingles, the technology used in their manufacturing process and on whether or not they were installed



One of their unique qualities is actually a drawback in most places. Shingle roofs don’t cool down as easily, and that usually requires AC units to work harder in the summer, increasing energy expenditures. In some parts of Arizona, however, where the winter months can bring temperatures of less than -10 degrees, this can be a welcome asset in helping to fend off the cold of winter.


Clay and Concrete Tiles


The main advantages of clay and concrete tiles, as opposed to asphalt and composite shingle roofing, is that they last longer – with a lifespan of around 40-50 years – they are energy-efficient, and they resist very well to heat and fire, the latter of which can be a great asset in Arizona’s dry climate.


Despite these benefits, however, tiles are also very bristle and fragile. They can crack if someone so much as steps on them, and their significant weight cannot be supported by some homes’ decking and sheathing architecture.


Also, it’s worth mentioning that most roofers in your area might find it difficult to even install clay and concrete tiles properly. Not only are they less of a popular choice for Arizona, but they require a felt underlayment that is designed to keep the water out of your house, since the tiles aren’t waterproof. The underlayment itself might not outlast your roof without some serious long term maintenance work, which can be quite problematic after 15-20 years.


The Bottom Line


While tile roofing can be more durable in the long run, and its increased energy efficiency is usually an advantage, shingle roofs are much more popular and practical in most parts of Arizona. If you’re looking for an affordable, long-lasting roof that also makes your home look great, there is no better option than the best roof shingles for Arizona.

Shingle vs. Tile Roofing – Should You Use the Best Roof Shingles for Arizona?