The best way to fix a roof depends on the type of roof issue that needs to be fixed and your experience as a DIY roofer – while in some situations you can solve the problem without being required to use any special tools and without any special experience, other problems cannot be fixed in a DIY fashion and need a Manhattan KS roofing expert.

Roof Leaks

Leaky roofs can be efficiently fixed by amateur roofers without any special experience. The first task is to identify the location of the leak – if you suspect that your roof is leaking because you see growing damp patches on the ceiling in one or several of your rooms or if you have other signs of excess moisture, such as mold, mildew in your attic or in your rooms, the roof leak is probably right above the damp spot or spots on the ceiling. To be sure you have identified the leak location, check the attic area on a dry and sunny day.

When you have found the place where water has seeped in, look up on the roof standing on the attic floor to check for holes and tiny opening through which the sun shines in. Check the area around the chimneys and other openings, such as the skylights – the structural integrity of the roof is disrupted in these areas and they are more sensitive to the harmful actions of water, even though the areas are usually strengthened with flashing.

When you know where the leak or the leaks are, go up on the roof and inspect the area, then remove the damaged tile or shingle and replace it with new tiles or shingles. If the leak is caused by the failure of the flashing, repair it with some caulk or replace the flashing if you think it is beyond repair.

Broken Tiles, Shingles and Slates

Roofing cover components are fixed using different methods, but you can easily replace missing or damaged components on your own, with a suitable hammer and fasteners, such as nails.

gutter cleaning roof maintenance

Broken, Damaged or Clogged Gutter Pipes

Gutter clogging can seriously affect the health of your roof and if you neglect the issue, it can cause serious water damage to your walls and can even lead to basement flooding. Fortunately, you can easily de-clog your gutter by climbing up there with a bucket, a strong brush and a tool that you can use for scraping out the debris that has accumulated inside the pipes over time – you will find dead leaves, twigs, branches, nuts, acorns, dust, maybe even bird nests or rodent nests.

When the Best Way to Fix a Roof is Hiring a Professional

If you are not comfortable working on roofs or if the roofing issue can be fixed only with special tools, such as hydraulic equipment in the case of roof sagging, the best method to strengthen your roof is probably to turn to a professional roofer. Metal roofing Manhattan KS  experts not only know the best way to fix a roof, but they also have the right tools to be able to do the repairs in a professional, efficient and safe manner.

How to Determine the Best Way to Fix A Roof – Factors to Consider
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