What Is the Best Material for a Roof – Aspects to Consider when Selecting Your New Roof in Omaha

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To determine the answer to the question “what is the best material for a roof?” is not easy – there are lots of other, very specific questions that you need to ask yourself first. Here are the most important factors to consider before selecting the material that is the most suitable for your roof.

The Weight of the Material

Not all roofing materials are lightweight, therefore not all of them are suitable for lightweight construction or not without special weight-bearing framing at least. Asphalt shingles are very lightweight, so they are suitable for any building, the second lightest material being metal, while clay, concrete, wood and slate are among the heaviest materials, suitable only for solid buildings.

Colors and Styles

Slate, clay and wood come in a limited color range that consist mainly of natural earth colors, such as shades of brown, red and terracotta and the shape of the roofing components is also limited, while metal roofs and roofing shingles are available in many different shapes and in almost any color, including green, blue, black, white and other unusual colors.


A very important aspect to consider, especially in the case of homes located in areas that get harsh weather all the time. All roofing products come with specifications related to the resistance they provide against wind, impact, such as hail or other debris as well as with a fire-resistance rating. Each geographical area has its own weather-resistance requirements and regulations that local roofs must respect, so the best material for your roof is not only one that can be supported by your building and looks good, but also one that meets local regulations. Your roofing Omaha contractor will have experience in answering these questions for you.

Installation and Maintenance

Asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems can be installed without any previous experience or special tools, based only on the instruction manual that comes with the system of choice. Clay and concrete tiles, wood and slate systems, on the other hand, require a professional roofing Omaha contractor for proper installation.

Roofing materials are different in terms of maintenance needs as well. Asphalt shingles, metal, clay, concrete and slate roofs don’t need any special maintenance, other than regular inspections followed by the repair of the issues detected during the inspection. Wood roofs need more attention, though – the natural material needs to be treated with special coatings to protect it against rot, insect attacks and the harmful effects of permanent exposure to strong solar radiation.


Roofing materials come in different price categories as well. Asphalt shingles are the cheapest, followed by metal systems. Clay and concrete roofing occupies the middle of the price range, while wood and slate are the two most expensive materials.


Roofing materials are not the same when it comes to warranty periods either. The simplest, 3-tab asphalt shingles come with warranties between 15-25 years, followed by architectural shingles that are warranted for a few years longer. The warranties offered on metal roofs are in 30-50 years range, while clay, concrete and slate are warranted for 50-100 years.

As you see, there is no single one-size-fits-all answer to the initial question, “what is the best material for a roof?” – the best material for your home needs to be determined by your priorities and the specific requirements of your geographical area.

Parker Roofers Always Use The Best Colorado Roofing Products

Want to hire someone to fix your roof or replace it? If the answer is yes, that you have made an excellent choice! Many people these days believe that they are some kind of undiscovered geniuses. They think they know everything that’s going on in this world, and therefore they don’t need the help of outsiders.

From amateur electricians, to plumbers and even roofers, these people think they know better than a true professional. They are obviously wrong, and many times this kind of approach proves to be disastrous or hilarious, depending on the case. Some people discover that they accidentally deteriorated part of their house or appliances, while others make fools of themselves.

Some who are a bit more unfortunate even go viral on the internet, their misadventures into the world of amateur home repairs becoming an online phenomenon. In the worst case scenario, such undertaking can even lead one straight into the hospital.

Roofing is not a joke. It is one serious business, and only professionals should be allowed to apply.

How do you find a professional?

Many people are wise enough to know that roofing is a delicate and dangerous work, so they let roofers handle it. However, simply finding a roofer and contacting them won’t do the trick. It is not enough to simply flip through the Yellow Pages and called the first roofer you find there. You will also need to hire a professional.

But how do you recognize a professional? Many people have asked that question and the answers are varied, but there is a common pattern to follow when you want to hire a professional roofer.

The first thing all good Parker roofers have is a solid reputation. If you ask anyone that has requested his service, they will always have only nice things to say. Reputation can make or break you in this business, so many roofers take their fame very seriously. It’s not just something they pride with. It is their calling card! A professional roofer also knows good manners and will listen to what you have to say. He doesn’t have to be very chatty, but he will be communicative, will acknowledge what you ask of him and will politely tell you what can and can’t be done when it comes to your roof. Good communication is key when it comes to roofing projects, and any true professional will know that. Finally, a true professional also knows to use the best Colorado roofing products in order to get maximum benefits in their project. Confidence and knowledge of all the things that roofing involves are two of the most valuable traits that a roofer should have.

If you want to find a good roofer or roofing firm, be sure to check your local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce. Here you can check their background and see if you find your guy.

Be sure you don’t become the next viral sensation on the internet: hire a professional Colorado roofer today and choose the best Colorado roofing products for your project.