If you want to install a roof that is built to last, it’s important to at least consider tile roofing as an option. While traditional shake and shingle roofing can be enticing, the structure and the layout of the elements making up the roof can often fall short of providing the kind of protection that Missouri homes might need.

Tile roofing, on the other hand, has a structure similar to the self-supporting structure of brick or masonry, which ensures that each tile offers adequate support to the two tiles above it. This configuration has been known throughout the years to offer superior protection to roofing systems that make use of it.

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Popular Types of Tile Roofing That Could Work

As times change, new and enhanced roofing materials are designed to minimize the drawbacks of their past counterparts and offer superior support through the sturdy tile configuration. Following are a few of the most well-known roofing tiles that could support your Springfield, Missouri home quite well:

  • Composite tiles are made from fiber glass or a combined and enhanced version of asphalt that offers better protection and lasts longer than traditional asphalt shingles. Fiber glass composite tiles typically offer the protection and appearance of clay and concrete tiles but without the heaviness of those materials.
  • Metal tiles have to be considered because of their energy efficiency, easy installation, impressive durability and the fact that they’re virtually maintenance-free.
  • Slate tiles are some of the more aesthetically pleasing tiles you can get. Expensive yet luxurious and designed to last longer than any tiles you can buy, slate tiles will enchant you and your visitors and increase your home’s resale value a great deal.
  • Polymer sand roofing tiles are a growing trend in the roofing industry. Although their technologically advanced construction process makes them more expensive, these modern tiles are extremely durable, virtually fireproof and offer excellent low heat conduction capabilities.
  • Ceramic roof tiles are typically very clay-like and very popular because of their aesthetic appeal, easy construction process and respectable durability. To be easier to manage, ceramic tiles should be bought in smaller sizes, and it’s also important to track down tiles that are made by the best manufacturers in the industry.

The Superior Resilience of a Tile Roof

Because of their structure and layout, tiles correspond to the way bricks are designed to offer superior resilience and durability in the construction of long lasting buildings. Tiles will do the same thing for your roof, which is something that you will definitely want to consider, keeping in mind the widely changing weather and the strong winds you can expect in Missouri.

If you just moved to Missouri and you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable roof, it’s a good idea to choose one of the types of tile roofing mentioned above, so you can ensure that you don’t have to deal with complex maintenance and costly repairs at least during the first years of home ownership. Make sure you find a dependable Springfield roofing contractor who is experienced with the installation of tile roofs, as the process can be somewhat more challenging than in the case of most shingle and shake roofing systems.

Is Tile Roofing a Good Enough Choice for Your Missouri Home?
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